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Changing the Font
Changing Line Spacing
Formatting Text
Keep Words on the Same Line
Preview a Document as a Web Page
E-mail a Document
Insert a Page Break
Creating Custom Letterhead
Insert Symbols
Insert Comments
Setting Margins
Improve Word
Customize Word Grammar
Click and Type
Insert a Section Break
Delete a Text Box
AutoRecover Document Settings
Add Highlight Formatting
Bypass Automatic Word Selection
Add to the AutoCorrect List
Move Between Documents
Hide Graphics
Create a Hyperlink
Keyboard Shortcuts
Word Count
Text Alignment
Find and Replace
Toggle the Ruler
Disable Folding Menus
Display Shortcut Key ScreenTips
Create a Header and Footer
Creating Dummy Text
Apply Drop Caps
Minimize File Sizes
Finding Where You Left Off
Scale Documents to Fit Paper
Hide Spelling and Grammar Errors
Insert Date/Time
Change Case
Clipart Information
Change the Font Size
Modify User Information
Easily Read Word Documents
Recently Used File List
Wrap Text to the Screen
Changing Measurement Units
Paste Text With the Insert Key
Right Mouse Button Drag
Readability Statistics
Work Menu
Windows in Taskbar
Show Bookmarks
Create a Table
Create a Watermark
Toggle the Office Assistant
Using AutoCorrect
Word Themes
Using Versions
Print in Reverse Order
Recently Used File List
Omitting Text Selections From Spell Check
View Document in Full Screen
Select Text Columns
AutoCorrect Options
Default Folder
Counting Selected Words
Grammar Settings
Save Normal Template
Send to PowerPoint
Select Text
WordPerfect Help
Change Bullet Size
Wrap Text to Window
Draft Output
Character Spacing
Moving Through Documents
Vertical Text Spacing
Print Word Shortcut List
Default Save Format
Use Main Dictionary
Show Formatting Marks
Provide Feedback
Save Options
Add Page Numbers
Applying a Background
Creating Web Pages in Word
Different Views
Insert Images
Mail Merge
Opening Documents
Print Preview
Save as HTML
Saving Documents
Spelling/Grammar Check
Using Bookmarks
Using Bullets
Using the Thesaurus
Using Word Templates
Disable Automatic Word Selection

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