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Mail Merge

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When you are creating a document in Word to send to large numbers of people, you can Merge the data from a database to customize the document for each client.  For example, instead of "Dear Customer,"; you can have "Dear John Smith,".  You would receive the name from your database.

Mail Merge

1.  Open Microsoft Word.

2.  Click the Tools menu and click Mail Merge from the menu that appears.

3.  The Mail Merge Helper window will now open.

4.  Click the Create button.

5.  Select the type of document you want to create with the Merged Document.

6.  A new window will now open asking you if you want to create the merge in the current document or if you want to create a new document.  Select "Active Window" if you want to create the Merge in the current window or "New Document" if you want to create a new document to make the Merge in.

7.  Click the Get Data button.

8.  From the drop-down menu that appears, click where the Merge Data (addresses, names, etc.) will come from.

Tip: When creating a Merge from a database (the most common type of Merge, select "Open Data Source..." from the drop-down menu in Step 8.  Next, select the type of database (from the Files of type: drop-down menu in the Open Data Source window).  Navigate your way to the data source and click it once.  Click the Open button.

9.  If you selected "Open Data Source..." in Step 8, select the Table you want to merge the data from.

10.  Click OK.

11.  If you selected any other Data Sources, follow the simple on-screen instructions.

12.  Once completed, click the first Edit button, (the button beside the Create button.) and select the current document's file name.

13.  Type your document as usual, except for each part of the document you want Merged Data, follow Steps 14-15.

14.  Click the Insert Merge field button (from the top left of the Standard Toolbar.

15.  From the drop-down menu that appears, click the field of the Data Source you want to insert.

16.  When you are finished with your document and it is ready to print, click the Merge to Printer icon.  (See Figure 1.1 to see where the Merge to Printer icon is.)

Figure 1.1

17.  From the Print window, select the proper printer options and click the OK button.

Please Note: If you have a very large Merge database, it is possible that Word may crash during the print process.  Therefore, be sure to save your work before printing.

Please Note: A large database will take a very long time to print.  While it is printing, check the pages the have been printed to be sure everything is printing as it is supposed to.  Also be sure to check for errors in your work.

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