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Palm m100 - Review

Reader rating: 3 out of 10


If you're looking for a handheld computing device for the beginner, the Palm m100 fits that requirement.

In this How-To Article, we review the Palm m100.

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Palm m100 - Review

Setup and installation

Setup was fairly simple. The directions provided with the Palm m100 were very clear, and we were not confused at all with the setup.

With the Palm we tested, we were provided with the option of synchronizing with either the Palm Desktop or Microsoft Outlook. The Palm Desktop software is the Desktop version of the Palm PIM functions. It includes a calendar, address book, and to-do list. We decided to synchronize with the Palm Desktop.

Using the device

The goal of the Palm is simplicity, and the Palm m100 definitely achieves this. Once you power-on the device, the "Home" screen is displayed which allows you to access all of your applications. You simply tap an icon to open the application.

First-time users of the Palm may find the menu system somewhat difficult to use. The menus aren't displayed at first, and to display them, you must tap either the menu icon (at the bottom of the screen), or the application's title bar.

The Palm OS itself is very easy to learn, and first-time Palm users should be able to master it within a week.

The hardware

Compared to other Palms or Pocket PCs, the Palm m100 has a very small screen. For regular date book or address book use, the screen should more than suffice, however. But if you're working with lots of text, the screen is somewhat difficult to read.

The design of the device itself is very good. It's comfortable to hold in your hand, and the quick launch and scroll buttons are in the right places.

Battery power

The Palm m100 is powered by two AAA batteries. Under typical use, the batteries can last as long as two months. When using the backlight, however, that battery power usually lasts only about 1-3 weeks. The battery life of the device depends on how long it's used daily.

The interface

The most difficult part of the Palm OS is the form of handwriting recognition it uses: Graffiti. Graffiti is similar to the regular alphabet, with some exceptions. Graffiti is designed for each letter or character to be written with one stroke. In our tests, we found the Palm m100 to recognize our writing very well.

The actual interface of the Palm is very simple to use. The buttons and options are right there in front of you, and is very simple for even the beginning computer user to understand. In our testing of the device, we found the PIM features (calendar, address book, and to-do list) to be very helpful and efficient in keeping track of our data.


Overall, the Palm m100 is a solid handheld computing device. Despite the small screen, it is a very powerful device which can help you effectively keep track of your important data.

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