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Compaq iPaq 3765 - Review

Reader rating: 3 out of 10


You've probably seen them everywhere: Compaq iPaq Pocket PCs. They're sleek, portable, and functional. But just how good is the Compaq iPaq?

In this How-To Article, we review the Compaq iPaq 3765.

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Compaq iPaq 3765 - Review

Setup and Installation

Setting up and installing the iPaq 3765 is surprisingly easy. Once we opened the box, we found several user manuals and brochures, the USB cradle, two stylus, AC adapter, and the iPaq 3765.

After sorting through the user manuals, we found the one which would assist us in setting up the Pocket PC. The directions were very clear, and we finished connecting the device to the PC within five minutes.

Once we started up the computer and placed the installation CD in the drive, installation started after we clicked a few options. Surprisingly, this went through without a hitch. (If you are using an older version of Microsoft Outlook, such as 98 or 2000, you may encounter some problems. Pocket PC 2002, the operating system on the device works best with Outlook 2002, which is included on the CD, however.)

Within minutes after the installation, the Pocket PC was synchronizing for the first time. The first synchronization takes several minutes (depending on how much data you have in your Outlook data files), but each synchronization after that usually takes only about 30 seconds-1 minute. The Pocket PC also supports constant synchronization. This means that if you update an item on your Desktop computer, it will almost instantly be updated on your Pocket PC, without a complete synchronization.

Using the device

When you first turn on the iPaq, you are guided through an introduction which gives you some basic training on how to use your Pocket PC. You also will align the screen when you first turn on your device.

After the welcome screens, you will see the "Today" screen, which acts as a sort of Desktop for your Pocket PC. Because the iPaq runs on a version of Windows, you will see the familiar "Start" button (the only difference is that the Start button is at the top of the screen, not the bottom).

The hardware

The Compaq iPaq 3765 is not only an eye-catching gadget, but its design is actual useful.

The device fits you hand, and is not too bulky or heavy. There is even a button on the left side of the device to enable you to quickly access the Notes application (or any other application for that matter), with just the press of a button. Please note, however, that the device could easily fall out of your hand as the device itself is somewhat slippery and doesn't have any area to grip to.

One flaw in the design, however, is the stylus holder. The stylus is kept in the top of the iPaq, and is released with the press of a button. After continued use, this mechanism became useless, and the stylus never stayed in the holder. Another disappointing element of the design is the navigator key. While the idea is great, the implementation isn't. After prolonged use, the 5-way navigator key seems to be slightly less responsive and is somewhat loose. It does work, however, and most users wouldn't notice the difference.

The screen

If you're looking for a handheld computing device with a great color screen, this is the one. The screen displays over 4000 colors, and is very capable of displaying digital pictures and short movies.

The screen has several backlighting options. Without the backlight, the screen is dark and similar to a monochrome screen. With the backlight on, the screen is bright, and visible in almost any lighting. A helpful feature of the iPaq is the ambient light sensor, which automatically changes the backlight level depending on the amount of brightness in a room. This is especially helpful when saving on battery power, as the backlight does use lots of power.

Battery power

Battery power is about average for Pocket PC device with a color screen. Each time you place it in the synchronization cradle, it does quickly charge. We highly recommend purchasing a second AC adapter, which will allow you to charge your Pocket PC anywhere. If you travel often, you may find an Auto Charger/Adapter to be of help.

The interface

Once you get used to the handwriting recognition and the way the Pocket PC works, it becomes a very powerful and functional device. Getting used to the Pocket PC usually takes about a week or two (or may even longer if you haven't used a handheld computing device before). But once you're used to it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.


The Compaq iPaq 3765 Pocket PC is a highly-functional and powerful device, which can help you stay organized. Despite it's few physical flaws, we have found this device to be an extremely powerful and functional portable device.

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