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Now that you have finished setting up your Intranet configurations, you must be wondering what you should put on the Intranet.  An Intranet is designed to bring information that you use everyday into one central location.  By putting links to this information on your Intranet, you will be able to find information much easier.  

Think about how your company used to exchange information before.  Most companies attached a file in an E-mail message.  The drawback: downloading E-mail takes longer.  Another way was to have a link in your E-mail message to link to the document on the central server or another computer.  The drawback: when you delete the E-mail message, you no longer know where the file is located.  

With an Intranet, each employee or department can have its own page with a link off of the Intranet Homepage where the employee or department can post its latest documents.  Then, when you need to find a file, you can simply click on the employee or department that was working on the project and open the file.  By doing this, it encourages teamwork, because the document can then be opened, changed and then saved.  

Now back to what you should put on the Intranet; put what is important to you.  Think about what you company uses each day.  What files would be helpful to put on an Intranet to encourage teamwork?  

A basic idea of what should be on the Intranet is; a home page, a sub site for each employee or department, links, and other company information.  


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