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The first thing you need to do to set up an Intranet is to set up the server.  (Read article on setting up a server.)  

After the server is set up, you need to buy some software to create your web site.  (Remember, an Intranet is just an internal web site.)  We recommend using Microsoft FrontPage.  Microsoft FrontPage is an excellent web design tool from Microsoft.  FrontPage will even create custom graphics for each page automatically!  FrontPage 2002 also features enhanced web design tools so multiple people can work on the site.

Once you have chosen software, you need to create an Intranet web site.  For now, just keep it simple with only a few pages.  Save the web to your hard drive on your computer.  Now, you will need to publish the web to your Intranet server.  There are several ways to do this.  

If you have a web server running on your server (which you should), and it supports FrontPage Extensions, you can publish your site by clicking the publish button in FrontPage, entering the location of the server, and clicking publish.

Most smaller companies will not have a full fledged web server set up in the office because the Intranet will have low traffic.  To publish a web to a file server, not a web server, you can simply copy the files to the server over the network using Microsoft Windows Explorer.  If you create your Intranet this way, it will be accessible in Internet Explorer by using the following path:  file://///servername/drive/folder.  Folder is the name of the folder that the Intranet is located.  You should usually name it Intranet so it is easy to find.  (Depending on the version of Internet Explorer you have, you may be able to access the network file using //servername/drive/folder instead of adding file:///.  If you want, you can make a map to the drive instead of typing the drive name and the folder.


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